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DIY - Make at Home

Finally the tools you need to make healthy food at home, including an A La Carte menu for home cooks or primordial raw feeders! Great for DIY home feeders looking for individual ingredients.

**Important Shipping Info**

Please see our Food Shipping page if you plan to ship your food.

SHIPPING PACKAGES must be purchased in order to have your food shipped.

If you need help, please contact us.


Our current turnaround time for ground packs is approximately 10-15 business days.

"DIY Dog Food" was named one of the best new Dog Food and Nutrition books by BookAuthority! Check it out here.

The DIY Dog Food cookbook is available in paperback direct from this site for $29 here, or with free Prime shipping from Amazon for $39.99 here. We also offer a PDF downloadable copy of the book for $20 along with lots of individual recipes available in the menu below.

We also offer consultations to help you through the process of making your own food at home. We want to see you succeed. Please see our consultation options here.

A La Carte Ingredients - Primordial Raw

E-Books & Recipes 

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Cooked Dog Food Recipes


Raw Dog Food Recipes

Cooked Cat Food Recipes

Treat Recipes

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