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Printed DIY Dog Food Book

Printed DIY Dog Food Book

This is a physical printed copy of my DIY Dog Food Book. 


All you need is a slow cooker, a kitchen scale, and some mixing bowls, and you'll be on your way to making healthy food your dog will love. No heavy processing equipment or grinder necassary. Can be made with common items usually found in most home kitchens.


Now you'll be able to create your own recipes at home. With this booklet, you'll learn how to work with different food groups to formulate and create a delicious and healthy batch of dog food that your pup will love. Instructions include how to choose different ingredients, how to weight them, and how to cook and process them up into a 10 pound batch of delicous and healthy dog food. Guide instructs for adult and puppy formulations.


The nice thing about having this guide is that the creations are endless! You can literally create hundreds of recipes using this one guide. Swap out meats or other ingredients to create the variety you need, because afterall, nobody knows your doggies better than you do!


This price includes the recipe guide only and does not include any consultation. If you think you'll need help, please purchase a consultation to go with your book. 

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