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Dog food consultations and cat food consultations are a great way to ensure you're providing your furbaby with the best possible nutrition.

Consultations are available for those who would love to make food at home and need help formulating a recipe. Below you will find our DIY Dog Food recipe book (downloadable PDF) that will take you through step-by-step making your own healthy dog food recipes at home. Combine the book with a consultation, and you'll get an hour of one-on-one support to provide you with extra help to make sure you succeed. 

Consultations are also available for those who have furbabies with special needs like allergies, minor health problems, obesity, mobility and skin issues, and let's not forget those picky eaters! If your furbaby has a serious medical condition &/or you aren't sure if you'll need to purchase a consultation, please contact us for help.

Choose from one or two hours of guidance - in person, or over the phone to help make sure we create a recipe that's right for you and your furry companion. If you aren't sure how much time you'll need to work through your concerns, please contact us for help.

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