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Dog Food

Less Poop!


Yep, you read that right! Since your furry companion will be absorbing more nutrients, that means they'll be expelling less waste, and without all the crappy fillers (pun intended), their poops will be smaller and they'll poop less too!

Less Water


Since your furry companion won't be eating dry kibble, they'll be less dehydrated and that means less water consumption. It's completely normal, so don't get nervous when you find yourself filling their water bowl less - though we still want you to always keep it fresh and available at all times.

Healthy Dog Food
Fresh Dog Food

Less Itching

With all the added benefits of wholesome fresh meals, you may find that your furry companion has less skin problems, less allergies, and less itching. Without all the added artificial colors and yucky chemicals that you'll find in commercial dog food, you may even find a decrease in tear stains on their tear trough fur... now that's nothing to cry about!

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