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Feeding Recommendations


The sooner you can get your furbaby eating healthy wholesome food, the better. We would recommend starting with 1/4 of our feed the first day, 1/2 the second, 3/4 on the third day, and by the fourth day eliminating the old food completely.


Poop is a key determining factor in the transition process. If they have a bout of runnier than normal poop, you may want to slow the transition. If their poop stays nice and firm, continue to the next transition phase. However, you know your furbaby better than anyone, so be your own best judge.


Just be sure that you keep the food fresh by not allowing it to spoil in the fridge during this time. We recommend dividing out smaller portions so that food can be kept frozen and defrosted easily during this process, especially if your transition needs to be a slower one. 


How to Calculate Feed by Body Weight 

Calculation Example (using a calculator): Pet's body weight x 3% = pounds of food per day... x 16 = ounces per day. Now just split that number into the number of feedings per day, and that is your weight per meal. You don't need to break the pounds into ounces for bigger dogs that would eat more than a pound per day. The reason for breaking pounds into ounces if for smaller amounts so it's easier to weigh in ounces. For example, it's easier to weigh out 1.6 ounces than it is to weigh out 0.1 pound on a scale. 


How Much to Feed

Adult Dogs & Cats by Body Weight

12 months and older:


  • It's recommended to feed 2% - 4% of your dogs body weight in food, depending on age and activity level, split into 2 daily meals

  • 2%-3% is a good starting point for average weight and activity levels

  • Increase or decrease to maintain proper body weight based on your pet's activity levels/metabolism 

  • Pregnant mothers should get 50% more food during the last 3 weeks of pregnancy

  • Nursing mothers should get all the food they want


Puppies & Kittens by Body Weight

6 - 12 months:

6% - 3% of current body weight, split into 2 daily meals


4 - 6 months:

8% - 6% of current body weight, split into 3 daily meals


2 - 4 months:

10% - 8% of current body weight, split into 3 daily meals

OR 2% - 3% of expected adult body weight split into 3 daily meals

By Measurements

If you prefer to calculate how much to feed based on measurements (cups), please click here.

How Much To Buy

Take the amount of food your pet should eat per day in pounds, x 30 days to determine how much food they will eat in one month.

Calculation Example Based on 3%: 10 pound dog/cat would eat 0.3 pounds of food per day based on 3% body weight x 30 days = 9 pounds of food per month. Since food is sold in 10 pound batches, one batch would last a little more than a month in this example.

We are here to help! If you need help trying to calculate your pet's daily feed amounts, please contact us.

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