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Keep it Fresh


Before buying, you'll want to consider the amount of fridge and freezer space you have available since food must be kept frozen and refrigerated. Our standard sized 5 pound bags are the size of a thick magazine - think gallon sized ziplock bag - and you'll get two bags per batch. With the packaging process used, you can expect the food to last 12 months or more in the freezer. Once fully defrosted, food is good in the fridge for up to 5 days.


Since we immediately freeze the food after packaging, it's important to know that it's completely safe to defrost, split up into smaller portions, and immediately refreeze if needed, especially for those furbabies who won't eat 5 pounds of food within the 5 day period. A super easy tip is to allow the 5 pound bag to defrost in the fridge for 1-2 days until it's only partially defrosted. Then you can cut the bag into smaller squares using a sharp knife, put the smaller squares into freezer safe storage bags or containers, and re-freeze. This will save you time from the hassle of fully defrosting the food and scooping it out into smaller containers, but it will also save you money from buying smaller packages from us. See below for smaller packaging options available if you don't want to break up bags into smaller portions yourself.

Keep the food in the freezer until you are ready to defrost a new bag. We like to take a bag out of the freezer and defrost it in the fridge for 1-3 days before needed. Smaller bags defrost quicker than the 5 pound bags. Bags can also be defrosted in the microwave following your microwave's defrosting guidelines.


Our food is packaged using BPA free, resealable zippered bags that are 100% recyclable. We use a high pressure chamber sealer to remove air from the bags, allowing each batch to maintain freshness for extended periods of time. If you'd like to transfer the food from the bag to a storage container, we have reusable buckets that fit a 5 pound bag perfectly that can be purchased here.


Smaller Packaging Options:

We offer a range of bag weight capacities with our standard/maximum capacity being 5lbs (2 bags per 10lb batch). For an additional cost, batches can be packaged in smaller 2.5lbs (4 bags per batch) or 1lbs (10 bags per batch) for those who prefer smaller packaging, or for those with itty-bitty fur babies to offer more ease and convenience.

To see our smaller packaging options click here.

*USDA storage time for cooked meats in the refrigerator for humans is 3-4 days. However, dogs and cats have a different digestive system than humans and are able to tolerate and safely digest meat that is stored slightly longer - though we recommend treating your pet's food just like you would your own, and remember, the fresher the better. Some dogs and cats, especially those finicky canines and felines, may prefer fresher food, so you may want to aim for a shorter storage time for them. To accomplish this, you may need to break up bags into smaller portions and re-freeze, or get smaller packaging options from us (see above).

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