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Jefferson C, SLC, UT

For the past few months I have been feeding my dogs what I consider be hands down, ounce for ounce and dollar for dollar, THE very finest food you could ever feed your pet. I cannot be more serious. As odd as it may sound, when you acutely examine the source from every single angle, my boys are eating much finer, healthier, and more nutritious food than I am. And they love it. HERE'S THE JOY: The best thing about this food source is that I can order it WITH CHOICES. —DIVERSITY! —And no chemicals, no additives, no filler. Pure, solid and absolute PURE food that covers every single nutritional source available. 

Stephanie & Kris F,


Bandit loves this food!

Diane B, SLC, UT

This food is fantastic ! Not only that my dog loves it, but his breath no longer smells like it did with his dry food. We have tried two different batch ingredients and love them both. We love that you can do your own adding of ingredients, cause we know what our dog loves. It not only looks healthy, it has a healthy aroma, too.We are very grateful for the research that has gone into this food, so we know exactly what our favorite boy is eating and what it does for him.

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