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Raw Chicken & Beef for Dogs

Raw Chicken & Beef for Dogs

  • 10 Pounds of Food
  • Chicken and beef, ground chicke bone, with your choice of veggies, fruit, carb, organ meat, and essential fatty acid
  • All ingredients are ground together fresh in-house
  • All ingredients are raw with the exception of carbs which will be steamed to offer predigestion for optimal nutrient absorption
  • Comes in 2 x 5 pound bags
  • For smaller packaging options, click here



****Please see the 'Add Ons' menu before completing your order***
Add Ons offer an opportunity to add great nutritional boosts to your recipe.

Any of the example ingredients may be omitted or replaced with a substitute ingredient upon request (pending availability), and if the price per pound is different, we will send you a quote before finalizing your order. Please contact us to further customize your order.


If your pet has a medical condition, is on medication, or has any restrictive diet conditions, please contact us prior to placing your order so we can help you determine any ingredients that should be avoided, and it's always a good idea to consult with your vet prior to making any diet changes.


Feeding Recommendations: Feed 2%-4% of their ideal body weight split into two meals per day. More detailed feeding information can be found here: feeding info


  • Bag Size Options

    We offer three bag size options for your 10 pound batch:

    1. Two 5 pound bags (standard)
    2. Four 2.5 pound bags
    3. Ten 1 pound bags


    For those with tiny dogs who may not go through the food quickly, you might want to choose the 2.5 pound or 1 pound bag option for ease of rotating between fridge and freezer without the hassle of trying to transfer portions of the bags to other containers. If you prefer the convenience of the 2.5 or 1 pound bags, click here

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