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Packaging Options

Packaging Options

FOOD IS NOT INCLUDED; this is a packaging option/add-on to the food. If you have itty bitty furbabies, it might be more manageable to get smaller pouches so they're easier to rotate between freezer and fridge. Since our food is fresh, it's very important to make sure that the food does not stay in the fridge for too long, otherwise it will spoil, creating wasted food and money (use within 6-8 days for cooked, and 3-5 days for raw once fully defrosted). 


If you're looking to save money but need smaller portions, we've learned from our clients that it's very easy to partially defrost a standard bag, cut it with a serrated knife into smaller squares/portions, transfer portions to a freezer safe ziploc bag, and re-freeze. It's completely safe to defrost and re-freeze the food, as long as the defrost time doesn't lapse into days which would start the 'use within' countdown. If you need help understanding the freshness process and/or tips on repackaging into smaller portions yourself, please let us know. We're happy to help!


However, if you prefer the convenience of smaller portions already packaged and ready to go, we offer the following bag sizes:

  • Standard pouch size is 10x14 that holds 5 pounds (2 bags per batch).
  • Smaller pouch option sizes are: 8x12 that will hold 2.5 pounds (4 bags per batch), or 6x10 that will hold 1 pound (10 bags per batch)


***Note*** When choosing this option and ordering multiples (i.e. 2 or more batches of food), please be sure to add 1 per batch if you want your entire order in 2.5 or 1 pound pouches so there is no confusion. If you are ordering more than 1 batch of food and only choose 1 Smaller Package Option, it will be assumed that you want part of your order in smaller pouches, and the other part of your order in standard size pouches.

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