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Pureed Veggies & Fruit

Pureed Veggies & Fruit

**NOTE** This is an optional upgrade to COOKED food orders and is not an item to be purchased separately. This must be added for each item you want pureed. For example, if you order 3 batches of food, you must add 3 of these add-ons in order for the the fruits and veggies to be pureed for all 3 batches. Otherwise, we will assume that you don't want all of the fruit and veggies pureed which will result in some being left chunky.


This optional add-on will tell us that your pups don't want chunky fruits and veggies and prefer them all pureed instead. This is great for super picky eaters. Please keep in mind that more water will be added to the batch in order to puree the fruit and veggies, resulting in a more soupy recipe blend.

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