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32 oz Bone Broth

32 oz Bone Broth

32 ounce container of our house made bone broth is great for dogs and cats. Broth is made fresh daily. Great for maintaining healthy skin, joints, coat, strong bones, healthy teeth, and is a great addition to the food - just add a couple spoonfulls and your furbabies will be in heaven!


Broth must be refrigerated and is good for 6-8 days once defrosted. May be safely defrosted and immediately refrozen, if needed, to put in smaller more manageable containers. Ingredients are based on our daily food batches that provide the broth for your order. Main ingredients will always be chicken, chicken and beef, or chicken and turkey, with a broth made up of water, meat with bones, and veggies (peas and carrots, carrots, green beans, or carrots and green beans).


If your furbaby has allergies to particular ingredients, please contact us to see if we can arrange a special order for your pet.

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